Madarasi-Hargita – Súgó Vendégház 
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The Madarasi-Hargita ( Harghita-Mădăraș in Romanian language) is the highest peak of the Hargita Mountain and of Seklerland (Székelyföld), having an altitude of 1801m above sea level, being the northern remain of the edge of the crater of a stratovolcano.

The rest of the peaks of the hardly recognizable volcanic crater edge are: Oltárkő (1358 m), the Rákosi-Hargita (1755 m), the Madéfalvi-Hargita (1709 m) and the Csicsói-Hargita (1756 m), these representing one of the largest volcanic remains of the Eastern Carpathians. The diameter of the crater has a width of 5 km, and the southern slopes are the headwaters of the largest river that originates in the Hargita Mountain: the Vargyas, which carved a spectaculous canyon 30 km downstream: the Vargyas Canyon, that hosts a total of 124 caves situated on four levels having a length of 7410 m.

South-east from the peak, being the headwaters of the Szökő creek, is the Szökő-Marsh that is one of the few peat marshes of Transylvania having an unique flora, representative to this landform. Downstream, right after the headwaters, the creek flows trough a cascade called the Szökő Cascade.

The Hargita has a flora and fauna tha remained well preserved during the ages, with high biodiversity. Many of the species extinct in the rest of Europe still inhabit its forests and meadows, rivers and creeks.

Our ski slopes are at about 1500m – to about 1760m above sea level.